How to unblur Course Hero and Course Hero free account 2021

Here are some working methods of how to unblur course hero documents online.  You can unblur and read the documents on course hero without any issues by following these methods in this post.

how to unblur course hero course hero free account
How to unblur course hero free account documents – (2021 Latest Update)

Unlike the past years, online learning is becoming easy and easy now. Just in one google search, you can find thousands of online learning platforms just in a few seconds. You can easily find some research documents, articles, eBooks related to your homework/research from these learning platforms.

To find the most related documents for your homework, you need to do a lot of web browsing and research to read or download them. Most of the websites provide paid services, so it will be hard to find the best documents like Chegg answers free and course hero free.

If you are a regular user of these websites, you should know how these paid subscriptions work and the locked documents.


So, let’s talk about Course Hero first. CourseHero is a company based in Redwood City, California. This company operates an online learning platform called

You can have a good advantage from them, unlike other websites. They have not only students but also educators on their website as their users. So, you can access the eductors’ research documents too.

Unblurred section of course hero document

At first in CourseHero, you can see the blurry documents. If you have a course hero free account on their website, you could see the half of the document you open is blurred out.

how to unblur course hero course hero free account
Half of the document is blurred out on free accounts

Therefore, if you need to read these documents, you should know how to unblur course hero documents on your free account. You can follow some methods to unblur these documents you can find in Course hero free account.

Course Hero free account

They allow users to register on their website for free. After that, users can decide if they need to upgrade to a paid account. They have 3 subscription plans. You can only read a half or any documents using your course hero free account. We can also call that a course hero free trial. Because half of every document is blurred.

Course hero has documents and research papers related to a wide range. But if you are a free user, you can only access a fairly expensive library. But you can access their full library by having a premium account of course hero.

You can only see the price table shown below once you are registered and logged into your course hero account. You can see the price table below. So you don’t need to keep searching their website for that.

The 3 subscriptions have limitations that differ from each other. For example on their Monthly Subscription, you can only ask up to 10 Tutor Questions. The subscription costs $39.95 every month.

Here are their subscription plans so you can compare them.

how to unblur course hero course hero free account -coursehero palns
Plans we can see on course hero free account

Just like the Chegg answers free, there are a few methods to unblur course hero documents. They’ve already mentioned them on their website.

Course hero free trial

Just like Chegg, Course Hero does not offer free trials. But, there is a free way to unblur course hero documents. You can find it down below in the coursehero unblur methods section.


So, let’s see how to unblur course hero documents using the methods below

How to Unblur Course Hero Documents


Method 1: Activating a subscription.

The first and the easiest method is purchasing a course hero subscription. You can select the best subscription plan by comparing their 3 plans (see the image above).

For example, let’s think that you are a student who has an exam at the end of the semester and all you have is only one month to study for your exam. The best option you have is the course hero monthly plan. Once you’re done studying for the exam, you can cancel your subscription. You don’t need to pay anymore.


Method 2:  Earning free unlocks

This is the best free way to unblur the documents you want to read. I wish Chegg too has this method so we can get chegg answers free. Anyways, to earn unlocks, you have to unlock some of your research works/homework. If you’re a student or an educator/tutor, you probably have some research papers made on your own.

So, after uploading your works on CourseHero, you can earn free unlocks. You need to upload 10 of your works to get 5 free unlocks. After that, they will check the files you uploaded, and let you know if they’re valid. However, you should be aware that the other users also will be able to see your files. Just like you see the other’s documents.

So, make sure to upload the files that you have already submitted to your tutor/institute/college and they gave you the marks. If you do not have submitted them, know that someone can copy the course hero answers of your document and you know what could happen.

unlock course hero documents for free
Earn free unlocks by uploading your research works

Method 3: Get course hero login for free

There any many ways to get a free course hero login. If you search “free course hero account” on Reddit, you would be able to find some free logins of course hero. We could find some course hero free account passwords on Reddit. There were some giveaways too. And make sure not to use stolen accounts.

As well as for course hero logins, Reddit is a good platform to find coursehero unlocks.

coursehero unlocks reddit
CourseHero unlocks Reddit in 2020

There are also a few ways to earn free unblurs on course hero. If you’re a regular user of our blog, you’ll be able to find them in our future posts. We’re willing to write about how to unblur chegg too.

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